CORTINA dims the lights, cues the music, and mesmerizes all that enter this world. This is the story of the global Argentine Tango community. The Argentine Tango isn’t just a rose between the teeth, a scene from “Scent of a Woman,” or a competition on “Dancing With the Stars.” It is a universal language of movement that compels those that enter to discard everything that does not honor the dance. And this is the premise that makes CORTINA an international storytelling phenomenon. 

Current times demand different stories told differently. CORTINA, Spanish for "curtain," is used in tango to refer to the thirty-second interval that finalizes a set of songs danced with a single partner. CORTINA the t.v. series takes viewers behind the curtain, revealing the impacts tango has on a dancer’s life on and off the dance floor. Tango is passionate while transformational and transcendent, sexy and euphoric, and always irresistibly magnetic. It is a quest for a more perfect union harmonizing the masculine and the feminine. The dance reveals the journey from a discontented self which antagonizes the opposite sex to a moment in which presence and bliss collapse time and space. Nothing else matters when chemistry merges. And syncing an entire dance floor is an elevation and elation that is heaven on earth. 

The subculture of the global Argentine Tango community adheres to a code of conduct, vocabulary, music, lifestyle, and method for living. This isn’t one television series but three simultaneous series set in the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Fictional characters from Jordan, Korea, and Argentina learn the tango and change their lives for the tango. These characters move around the globe, true to real life, subsequently creating a new series in America.