Harper Klay



After a successful start in politics and international trade, Harper was in a life changing car accident. While working in the Kingdom of Jordan as a technical writer for the Dead Sea Water Treatment Plant, her condition continued to worsen. The sound of tango music from the basement of her office building led her to a newly opened dance school. As she took tango classes, she discovered that learning the tango bypassed debilitating pain. In returning to the States seven years after her car accident, she received a diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-Concussive Syndrome, and PTSD. Unable to work, she turned to the arts.


For the next five years Harper lived in project housing and enrolled in TBI studies at the National Institutes of Health. The rehabilitation process of her TBI allowed time to parlay her technical writing skills into screenwriting and acting classes. After working background on the Netflix series House of Cards, Harper relocated to Utah and L.A., continuing to work on film sets and develop her craft. In her former career Harper worked in the U.S. Senate, consulted for multi-million dollar US AID projects drafting the operations and safety manual for the Dead Sea Water Treatment Plant, and managed a ten country biotechnology education program, traveling and working in 40 plus countries. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Florida State University. Harper is currently an Artist in Residence at The Artist Foundry through the Utah Film Center.

Carol Kiefer

Executive Producer


With over thirty-five IMDB listed credits as Art Department Coordinator, Carol Kiefer lends stewardship, foundation, and film industry experience to the project. However, her eye for assessing talent, team building, identifying stories that move humanity forward, and mentoring the next generation of women have more to do with her life before Hollywood than what is revealed on an IMDB page. Born in Queens and raised on Long Island, Carol’s family relocated to the Midwest where her activism began. In the 1970s she taught English in the inner city of Cleveland as part of the experimental plan to integrate schools before forced busing. She was among the teachers who integrated the faculty in the inner city. She was a warrior for women’s rights before Roe v Wade was passed. She marched on Washington to protest the Vietnam War. She took flying lessons and was a navigator in the Civil Air Patrol. She volunteered at the Cleveland Free Clinic and homeless shelters.


For seven years Carol taught corporate finance at Eastern Illinois University before a Time’s Up incident catapulted her to California. Long before the time of repercussions, Carol healed by seeking art and relocated to Los Angeles in 1990. A resourceful outlier, she earned money as a hair model while studying at the UCLA film school. She cultivated her role as an Art Department Coordinator, becoming an organizer for Art Department Coordinators and was a leader in their admission into IATSE Local 871 and remains in union leadership to this day. She has been an in-demand Art Department Coordinator for nearly 30 years with credits on such films as Thor: Ragnarok, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Austin Powers in Goldmember. She has worked with notable directors including Rob Reiner, Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Clint Eastwood, Ryan Coogler, Andrew Davis, Warren Beatty, and Jay Roach.


In addition, some of her favorite credits include the Academy Award Best Picture Film, The Artist, Easy A, Hidalgo, and Rendition. Carol managed sizable department budgets as part of her coordinating responsibilities at Warner Brothers, Paramount, Fox, Universal, Disney, Marvel, New Line, Castle Rock, and Sony.  She is very proud of Black Panther, her most recent Marvel film. TV series credits include Season 1 of Yellowstone. Based in Los Angeles, she has relocated for work residing in Atlanta, Albuquerque, Park City, Ojai, Australia, and Morocco. Carol has been a mentor to Harper Klay both personally and professionally for ten years. She has a BA in English and an MBA in Finance, completing most of her Ph.D. coursework in Capital Budgeting. She has been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1998.

Holly Jeide



Holly began her career in the United States Senate as a staff assistant at the age of 19. After three years on Capitol Hill she worked in a variety of positions in both the non-profit and private sectors. Her experience covers project management in healthcare, education, defense, homeland security, and biotechnology. While in Washington D.C. she developed a reputation for transparency and integrity in her roles. Her talents include synthesizing highly complex topics, managing high profile relationships, and communicating sensitive and nuanced subjects. She has a proven record of moving a project from concept to reality. From addressing national security concerns to emergency preparedness, her presence was often sought to temper sensitive environments.  Her ability to detect and respond to slight changes, signals and influences with laser-like precision and accurate timing makes her an invaluable asset in film production. 


Holly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Public Relations from George Mason University in addition to coursework at Oxford University conducting research in Cognitive Psychology: The Universality of Facial Expression; and The Role of the Media in East-West Relations Since 1945. Holly is a marathoner and century and ultra-century cyclist routinely biking 200 mile rides. She lives in Bozeman Montana with her husband and two sons and is actively involved in her church community, volunteering her time with teens and youth.